Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Natalia is definitely 2 and is keeping me on my toes. We've hit a rough patch with potty training, but she has also offered some good laughs lately.

Upon discovering that I had moved the play-yard: You move it! You move it? You move it out my way? I love you for move it out my way. (hugged my leg)

After being putting in time out:
Natalia: You are a bad mommy. You are a bad mommy.
Isabella: No, she's not. She's a good mommy.
Natalia: You in jail, Mommy. You in jail!
Isabella: No, Mommy IS jail.
(luckily I wasn't in the room so I could laugh without having to deal with what was being said about me)
And here are pictures of Natalia with some of Mark's video game equipment:

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Marie said...

So funny!! Thanks for sharing that conversation! I love it! Hopefully you're keeping these priceless little gems in writing for later fun for all of you. The girls will love it, too!
Love you!