Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February Funnies

Natalia is 2 1/2 and very precocious. She is constantly into everything and creating messes. Her vocabulary far exceeds the expected at her age and she seems to comprehend so much, yet she still wants a pacifier. Her love language is definitely touch and you have to be careful that she doesn't smother you. Yet, her spirit is so sweet and she will do anything to gain approval. We are also in the midst of potty training, still. And while most days are great, we still have some days that I wish I could wave a magic wand and be done with it. Now if I could just get her to stop picking up Tobias, I will feel that I have accomplished a great deed.After being told to leave the grapes alone, she stuffed as many into her mouth as she could. Daddy, unaware of mommy's directions to her, thought it hilarious that she had so many grapes in her mouth and rewarded her by taking a picture. Oh, what to do!

My little warrior - Tobias is 10 months and closing in on one year. I can't believe it is already upon us. As you can tell, he is very excited by the broom. Not because of the cleaning capacity that it holds, but because of the weapon like quality it possesses. I am amazed that at such an early age he is already completely different than his sisters. He absolutely loves to wave the broom around and it is even better when he has the mop and can bang them together. Look at the great swing!
Tobias is very sweet natured and it is very easy to get him to smile and show off his dimples. He loves to flirt and has started "singing" with his sisters as well as babbling. He has been crawling since six months, pulling up to standing since eight months, cruising since 9 months and I can only imagine that walking is right around the corner. He is such a good baby, I can only pray for the day that he starts sleeping through the night.
Isabella is quickly approaching 5 (birthday in May) and I cannot believe that she will be in Kindergarten in the fall. We recently purchased a booster seat for her and she was so enamored with it that she found an excuse to sit on it all day long. She is my problem solver and can often come up with a great solution if she doesn't let her anger get away with her. She is definitely a first child and tries to constantly control the situation. Mark recently told her that she wasn't the equalizer and she responded by saying, "I'm not an appetizer, you don't eat appetizers, Mom(with a laugh), Daddy called me apple cider." She can write her name and sometimes Natalia's. She amazed me the other day with a grocery list. The first two items were peanut butter (pen bdr) and bread (brad) and the rest were squiggly lines. Apparently, she got tired, although, Mark told me that one of the squiggly lines was supposed to be eggs. She also is very aware of anatomy and recently drew a picture of Mark's cousin that left me speechless. Nothing inappropriate happened and the only one she has seen naked is her brother. It is apparently time for separate bath times. She loves to help cook and I often find her trying to clean, without being asked. But when it comes to her room, the age old rebellion wages strong.


Inspired by one of my very talented cousin Beth and her recent hobby of scherenschnitte (german paper craft), I decided to teach myself hardanger. The scherenschnitte, with all of it's intricately cut edges and patterns and pictures, reminded my somewhat of the delicate stitchery that was much a part of my childhood. I am blessed to have a family heritage that has not been forgotten and have actually been able to see pieces that my great grandmother created. I have always treasured the beautiful needlework and the difficulty, but not so much as I do now that I have created my own. This snowflake is 2" x 2 6/16", followed by a close up.

This snowflake was to 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"
This is one of my favorites, probably because there is so much fabric cut out for the lacy appearance and it is more traditional. It is 3 6/16" x 3 6/16". Followed by a close up This is one of my other favorites, because of it's resemblance to a snowflake. However, it is not as traditional. At least, it isn't in comparison to the pieces from my great grandmother.
The size of this is 4 3/4" x 4 3/4". (Thanks for the measurements!)