Thursday, April 23, 2009

Young Boy's New Invention

Alternate titles: Baby Shower, Squeaky Clean, 101 Uses For A Dishwasher, April Showers...

King of the Hill

Fast Break for the Ottoman...

Hello Nose. Meet Ottoman...

This is the Good Part...
Just a Little Further...
Almost There...

Look Mommy, I'm So Cool...

Got Down, Climbed Back Up, And...

Oops! Rolled Off the Other Side.


Photos that take me back...or make me do a double take...

Christi and family friend Nathan circa 1984

Nick and Isabella 2008

Mike (my brother) circa 1984

Tobias November 2008

To The Tune of The William Tell Overture

Mommy is so wonderful,
Mommy is so wonderful,
Mommy is so wonderful,
Mooooommy is so wonderful!

Shortly after my last post, I called my Mom to bemoan my situation and my missing camera. She hadn't seen it, but asked if I had looked in several bizarre locations. Equally bizarre, if not more, is the fact that I had already checked all those places. As well as relocated my couch to clean out all of the kiddo klutter. I told her I would check the refrigerator one more time before I dove in our dumpsters (the next morning was trash pickup). Low and behold, my camera! I had set it in front between the freezer and refrigerator and I never put stuff there. I jumped, I shouted, I sang the song ~ my kids thought I was crazy. So I explained that I used to sing the song to my mom when I was little. They still thought I was crazy. Oh well, I didn't care. I was just happy to have my camera back.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tobias' First Birthday Party

I have been waiting to post pictures, but as I have already informed you...well, it's too painful to say again. Anyway...

We took Tobias to our favorite restaurant (so favorite that it was the first meal I had after having Natalia. Indeed, my in-laws brought it to my delivery room), Hole-In-The-Wall BBQ. We were joined by my parents, brother, and grandmother, and Mark's parents, brother, niece and nephews, Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Tobias packed away the food, anything and everything we would feed him. He also helped himself to his grandfather's french fries. Grandpa retrieved a fist full of fries and surprisingly, Tobias didn't cry. We soon discovered that he had secreted away a few french fries in the other hand. We had his picture taken with the pig hat and packed everyone up.

We went back to our house for presents, cake and ice cream. He was thrilled with his gifts and opening the presents. He has to fend off his sisters, who are very interested in the toys that he received. He really likes the cars and musical book, but he has played with each of his toys numerous times already.

After opening all of the presents, we gave him his first cake. Isabella requested a cake she had seen in a cook book, but I didn't have a bundt pan and I didn't want to buy one (I probably wouldn't use it again for several years). Anyway, I used a mini springform pan and but a prep cup in the center. It worked, it looked like a donut, but it worked. From there, I frosted it with chocolate icing, sprinkles, 3 straws were stuck in it to support the carousel top and animal crackers were put between the straws to complete the carousel picture. (Apologies for the description, but again no pictures available)

He grabbed the animal crackers one at a time. Once they were gone, he picked at all of the sprinkles. Once these too were gone, he began taking pinches of frosting. Bigger and bigger, until he was also eating cake. He was tired because, at this point, it was past his bedtime. He kept rubbing his hands in his hair and, yes you guessed it, plastered his hair with frosting. (This was the last time I remember having my camera)

We went straight to the bathtub and then back to the living room to get in some more play time before bed.

Despair! Oh Dark, Despair!

I can't find it. Anywhere. I decluttered the kitchen after all the cooking on Easter. I picked up all the loot from Tobias' first birthday party. I cleaned the top of our television, one of the last strongholds against the children. I even, I know you won't believe this, I even moved my couch and rummaged through the socks, toys, dishes, writting utensils, and even a sun visor for my car that had all collected there. Still I couldn't find it. I cleaned my bathroom (multiple times, as this is the first room to get completely massacred by my children).

Oh what a depressing camera is gone.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

School House Rocks!!!

We went to the library on monday and I found it. Instant nostalgia. Saturday mornings, still wearing PJs, eating breakfast while laying on the living room floor and watching cartoons. Of course, I had to borrow it. I was a little saddened when the girls both protested. "I want Mickey" and "I don't want a singing one" didn't daunt me. I started it none the less... Okay, so I had to bribe them with princess shaped graham crackers within the first five minutes, but they will thank me...someday.

And who decided to call them crackers anyway. They are just a glorified cookie...

My Little Guy is 1!

He did it; he survived his sisters. He is currently in possession of 4 half teeth (none of them are all the way in), a not so lovely cough, and a snotty nose. He is also presently screaming on my lap, because he apparently needs to demonstrate his ability to throw a tantrum. Although not sleeping through the night, he is much easier to put back to sleep and is only waking up once a night.

He LOVES to play peek-a-boo. He thinks it is funny to move your hands away from your face and he enjoys being able to manipulate things. He will hurry around a corner, so that he can peek back around it. He knows how to push open doors and which doors Mommy doesn't like him to open (he still opens them if he can).

He adores Isabella and likes Natalia when she can curb her natural affection, which can get a bit overwhelming.

He is thrilled by bathes and, like all babies, loves to splash the water. He doesn't seem too concerned when he manages to get a face full of water.

He is quick to wave bye-bye when the word is mentioned and is experimenting with words like: Da (daddy), talia (we think he is trying to say her name), mama, ki (kitty). We have even heard him say thank you on occasion, although, the jury is still out on whether or not it was intentional.

He is still small for his size and I am sometimes surprised by a label to realize that I have been putting a 3 month outfit on him. He is not walking yet, but can stand up when holding on to something. He has the strength and balance to stand on his own, but won't do it on purpose. He enjoys practicing his steps.

Unfortunately, being number three, we didn't get to do anything eventful on his big day. But, hopefully we can remedy that when we have his party on Saturday.

The Joy of Youth

The kids were absolutely tickled by open windows on the freeway.

I wasn't able to catch Tobias' expression because he was still in the rear facing car seat (but not anymore!). He was clapping and waving his hands in the air and had a very exuberant expression.