Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Little Guy is 1!

He did it; he survived his sisters. He is currently in possession of 4 half teeth (none of them are all the way in), a not so lovely cough, and a snotty nose. He is also presently screaming on my lap, because he apparently needs to demonstrate his ability to throw a tantrum. Although not sleeping through the night, he is much easier to put back to sleep and is only waking up once a night.

He LOVES to play peek-a-boo. He thinks it is funny to move your hands away from your face and he enjoys being able to manipulate things. He will hurry around a corner, so that he can peek back around it. He knows how to push open doors and which doors Mommy doesn't like him to open (he still opens them if he can).

He adores Isabella and likes Natalia when she can curb her natural affection, which can get a bit overwhelming.

He is thrilled by bathes and, like all babies, loves to splash the water. He doesn't seem too concerned when he manages to get a face full of water.

He is quick to wave bye-bye when the word is mentioned and is experimenting with words like: Da (daddy), talia (we think he is trying to say her name), mama, ki (kitty). We have even heard him say thank you on occasion, although, the jury is still out on whether or not it was intentional.

He is still small for his size and I am sometimes surprised by a label to realize that I have been putting a 3 month outfit on him. He is not walking yet, but can stand up when holding on to something. He has the strength and balance to stand on his own, but won't do it on purpose. He enjoys practicing his steps.

Unfortunately, being number three, we didn't get to do anything eventful on his big day. But, hopefully we can remedy that when we have his party on Saturday.

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