Friday, November 21, 2008

A day in the life of the Camerons

Here is a snapshot view of our lives in one day. We started the day by eating cereal and then watching Super Why. I love the PBS programs. This show has really made Isabella interested in learning words and sounds. An hour doesn't go by now without her telling me that banana starts with b or that toast starts with t. At least we are no longer arguing about salt starting with P and pepper starting with s, phew. Anyway, once their show was over, I got out the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child and began wrapping them. I didn't let the girls help, because I wanted the boxes to look appealing. Instead, I let the girls decorate the inside of the boxes.

Then we packed the boxes with all of the goodies. From there we turned the TV back on for Word World - another favorite PBS show. Next on our schedule was lunch and a little time outside. Our neighbor heard us and came over to play. They were so cute that I couldn't resist taking a picture.

This one is very reminiscent of a picture of me and my neighbor when I was about the same age. Check back because I'll try to add it when I get it from my mom. We came back in shortly after that and our neighbor went home for lunch. Our everday schedule continued with cleaning up and getting dinner ready. A few minutes of mommy being distracted resulted in dish upon dish filled with baby cereal.

Followed by adding baby cereal to the grocery list and cleaning up the mess. Daddy came home and helped me tuck the little ones into bed. Mommy was very thankful for bedtime and a few moments to herself.

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