Friday, November 21, 2008

"Bowling Balling"

Mark has been traveling quite a bit lately and was asked by Isabella to take the family "bowling balling". She seemed to have forgotten so we went about our schedule, however, a 4 year olds memory is much better than we realized. We managed to make it to the bowling alley and the manager was nice enough to let us use a lane (the lanes were fully booked and there was league) for a quick game. It was Natalia's first trip to the lanes as a bowler. It was far different from my childhood. They now have the capability to raise/lower the bumpers multiple times through out the game. Which meant that Mark and I were able to bowl without bumpers and the bumpers automatically came up when it was the girls turn. (I kind of wish I could have had the bumpers)
Isabella, Natalia and MarkPutting on "special" shoes!Daddy helps Isabella.

Mommy and Natalia

Celebrating! (We are celebrating, too. Mark is back and the only traveling in store is our family Thanksgiving trip)

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joann renee said...

Looks like fun...and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in about a month!