Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sean ~ A Leprechaun Among Us

Sean noticed the pretty young woman the moment she walked in the door. She was the same one who had come to observe him the week before. He had enjoyed watching her reactions to his shenanigans. If he was so inclined, he might even decide to like her. Although he would have to be careful. Humans could be problems and she would definitely be one of those if she decided to pay too much attention to him. She was smart and might just be a match for his wit, but probably not.

Sean had been attending kindergarten for the last 20 years. Child welfare made it much easier to explain why he didn't have parents. The others thought that he was crazy. That he took too many risks. None of the others would even consider spending so much time around humans. But Sean couldn't get enough of the looks on the teachers' faces when they tried to figure out how to control him. He loved wreaking havoc and playing tricks on the humans.

"Alright children, we are going to go to our tables and work on a project. We are going to walk calmly and sit down. Then we will sit in the learning position while Mrs. Sandy gives us instructions. Okay, please quietly go to your seats."

Sean bolted up from the carpet and purposely shoved the children. He ran to his chair and then began shoving the chair of the little girl behind him.

"Sean, please sit down in your chair."

Sean complied only to jump up and run to the front of the classroom to grab a pencil box. They couldn't get after him if he looked like he was doing something necessary. Oh the glee! Being naughty while doing what you were supposed to be doing. The teachers never knew exactly how to handle that. They would stare at you a little perplexed. Sean stuck out his arms and started careening around the room as if he had been a plane shot down. He came around to his aisle and saw two children sitting in chairs that weren't pushed all the way to the table. He took the opportunity to annoy the children and started shoving their seats. If the teacher tried to get after him, he would just say that he was trying to put the chairs back.

"Sean, please sit down now!"

Sean reluctantly left his play to go back to his seat. It never paid to make the humans too agitated. Last time he did that he ended up in the principal's office. He had led her on a merry trail of discontent until she threatened to call his mother. He couldn't have that. He'd have to find another foster family before she could call home and he had been putting it off.

The class was making butterflys out of heart shapes. Sean gleefully began cutting. He would just cut it all up into shreds of confetti. The teacher's aide would get all frazzled that her instructions weren't being followed exactly. It was almost too easy to upset her. Sean had amassed a pile of yellow that would rival his secret stash at home.

"Sean! What are you doing? Please collect all the scraps and place them in the recycling container."
"Right now!"

Aye, too easy indeed. Sean picked up some of the scraps and walked over to the trash can. He wasn't about to give them what they wanted. He started to throw the pieces in the trash but he saw something shiny at the bottom. He tried to reach for it but his short body began to pitch into the trash can. He ended up with his feet sticking out of the trash can wriggling around. The class room erupted in laughter. Sean was a little miffed that they were laughing at him. He hadn't done it on purpose after all. The shiny object wasn't even gold, just a piece of shiny, metallic plastic that had been wrapped around a candy.

When Sean emerged from the trash can, he instantly forgot his ire. The teacher was standing aghast with her jaw hanging open. She snapped it shut and immediately tried to control the situation. Quickly trying to quiet the children so that they wouldn't offend Sean's feelings. Sean waited stoically. He bided his time. He went back to his desk and retrieved the other scraps, slowly making his way back to the trash can. He waited until the teacher wasn't looking any more. He waited until he caught the attention of the little boy who would make the most noise. He smiled at him and nodded his head toward the trash can. Then quicker than a wink, he dove head first back into the trash can with his legs wiggling to and fro.

The little boy shouted with laughter and the class quickly followed. It turned into a classroom of 5 year olds all consumed with uncontrollable laughter. Sean smiled even as the teacher retrieved him again from the trash can. The young woman, who had remained quiet during the entire episode, quietly walked out the door.

"Alright, class, our project is over. Let's line up for recess."

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Chris Plumb said...

This explains why I've had some bad days in the classroom. I just have leprechauns. Oh wait, I teach older kids. Are elves mischievous?

Good story, you've captured elementary ed and fantasy in one attempt. Good to see you writing creatively. Jill says you were really talented in high school. Keep it up.