Saturday, March 21, 2009

Port Orchard

We had the pleasure of visiting some dear friends at the beginning of March. Mark and I both went to school with Katherine and when she married Kevin, Isabella was in the wedding party. They have lived in Port Orchard for the last several years, but with three small children, this was our first visit. The girls promptly struck their claim on Kevin while watching cartoons. After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and eggs (requested by Isabella) and cinnamon rolls, we decided to go to Poulsbo for a late lunch and some site seeing.

We ate at J.J.s (you will have to correct me if I'm wrong, Katherine) and being indecisive, I went with peer pressure and had the Halibut fish and chips. Delicious!

Mark and Tobias

Kevin helping Natalia clean up.
Kevin let the girls hold the leash to Fergus (Golden Lab) while he held on to the lead closer to the collar. They thought it was great!

Fergus poses with Natalia.

"Don't take my picture!" Although she didn't see me sneak this one.

The whole gang at the water front. Isabella called it the lake. Well, what else would a large body of water be? Port doesn't really translate in Toddler speak so I just let it be.

Thanks Katherine and Kevin for opening up your home and all of the wonderful memories we crammed into that too short day. We love you.

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