Saturday, March 21, 2009

Messy Messy!

Healthy but, oh, so messy. Tobias, like his sisters before him, doesn't turn his nose up at anything. Well, he's not too keen on certain textures but, he is a great eater. Today, Mark said that he devoured the cornmeal pancakes that were offered him.

Here is his first introduction to lentils. Despite the head gear, most of the lentils ended up in his stomach and this picture is of his second or third helping. (The bits of green are spinach)
And this is a Cameron favorite (definitely not a Christi favorite)...Beets! The kids eat them like they are candy. I on the other hand think they smell like stinky feet. Tobias is eating them sans shirt in an effort to preserve his clothing from anymore unsightly stains.

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