Monday, December 8, 2008

Daddy's Co-Pilot in Training

Mark has a great love of flying. He has completed a series of courses and holds a private pilots license. This was the inspiration for Tobias' nursery theme of airplanes. We have a wonderful friend that loves to bless others and she bestowed upon us this wonderful Elmo airplane along with a complete bedroom set of airplanes/helicopters ( that's the bumper, crib sheet, quilt, bed skirt, plus: lamp, rug, wall paper decor strip, wall hangings, valance/curtains, and mobile). Overwhelming in her generosity, we put the crib items out right away. The plane has waited in our room for fear that his sisters would either break it or wear it out before he had a chance to play with it. It has been much coveted at our house.

Tobias is thrilled with sitting on the airplane, but he is really tickled because he found the button that makes the propeller spin and he was able to catch the propeller.

Tobias was moved in front of the plane because he isn't able to keep himself on it, yet. Mommy pushed the button, so he is gleefully watching the propeller again.

I know that this one isn't much different, but I had to included it because it made me laugh. Look at his left hand, he has Joseph from our kids nativity set and is beating the plane with it. I didn't notice when I was taking the picture.

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