Monday, December 8, 2008

A Budding Problem Solver

Anyone who has siblings know that there are some days when sibling rivalry can get over the top. I had gotten the easel and paper out for Natalia, as Isabella was otherwise occupied. It didn't take long for Isabella to discover and try to take it over. I was coming to Natalia's rescue and trying to make Isabella understand that it was out for Natalia and it was her turn. Isabella quickly offered me a solution.
She asked if she could draw on the other side. I know that it is silly, but it is one of the moments that I have been most proud of her. There was no fighting or complaining, just a simple request to move herself to the other side so that her sister could have her own space.

Here is Isabella hiding under the paper because Natalia wanted a clean sheet and Isabella hadn't finished with her drawing.And for those of you who couldn't tell, this is Larry the cucumber, of course!


Rochelle said...

that is super sweet! i can't believe you have 3 now. I only saw your oldest when she was first born. I've been kinda out of the loop, but throught blogging i get to keep up w/ the Kjossness' more. :)
We do operation Christmas child because our church does and we just love it :)
Nice to talk to you on here cousin!

Danny said...

Beautiful Pictures! So cute! Now, you just need to add a picture to your profile so the little "follower" icon has a picture with it!