Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Have A Purple Elephant For You

This is a common phrase in our house. Why? Because I was trying to teach my girls how to keep a secret. I knew that it's almost impossible for little kids to keep secrets. I also knew that trying to keep something to yourself is like trying not to scratch an itch. So I decided that the best solution was to give them a phrase that was super silly. I figured the ensuing laughter might help them get past the temptation to reveal the secret, whatever it may be. Guess what - it worked. Well most of the time. Isabella is great at it. Natalia, not so much, but she is getting better.

Of course, it only works so long as you want to keep a secret. Isabella seems to have gotten my impatience in this regard. I can remember trying to bribe my mom to have Christmas early just so I could give my presents to everyone. I would even try to convince my best friend in high school that we needed to exchange presents early because we would be too busy with family. I have even been known to declare birthday weeks, so that I can spread out the gift giving (Mark hates this, I don't know why).

Today, Isabella came home from school and wanted to give me the Mother's day gift she had constructed at school. I tried to convince her to wait. I told her I would be sad if I didn't have a present to open ON Mother's day, to which she erupted in tears. She desperately wanted me to open her gift immediately. Finally, she said that she wanted me to open it whenever I wanted to, today. Funny girl, I can totally sympathize. Mark stepped in and negotiations began. He finally convinced her to wait and they would give me the gift from the family instead.

I am now the proud owner of a new camera. Not the professional one I have dreamed of, but a good stand by until we can afford one with all the bells and whistles. The best thing is that I will be able to take decent pictures of Isabella's birthday and her party. Thank you to my wonderful family!

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