Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was amazed to see that I haven't written in almost a year. I call it Facebookitis. A perfectly good day can be waylaid by roaming the pages and profiles of those I call dear and others that I barely even know. I have become an observer of other's blogs. Enjoying the insights, recipes and tidbits that they share. I love catching up on what is happening with my family through their blogs.

Well, I have decided to kick my Facebookitis in the rear end. No more neglecting housework because I have to level up on some dumb game that is repeated with different themes (although, I will still play Family feud). No more will I passively read through others blogs without leaving comment. No more hanging out at my computer.

Today, before even getting on facebook, Natalia and I made the hard boiled egg cookies that I had been planning on making. One of my favorite sites is Cookiemadness. Almost everyday she has a new recipe or tidbit to share. Natalia had a blast. She got to put all of the ingredients in the food processor. She got to process the whole dough. She even got to form the gigantic balls. It was so much fun, the results were definitely yummy and it used up some of the Easter eggs. This is one recipe I won't lose.

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anna said...

Hi Christi,

I know what you mean about Facebookitis!! I try to stay off it, but then I feel like I'm out of the loop. Thanks for trying the hard boiled egg cookies and I am so glad you all had fun making them.