Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comings and Goings

Wow a whole month since I last posted. Life seems to be zipping by lately. We celebrated Isabella's 5th birthday by going to pizza at Roaring Rapids, her request. The following Saturday we had 4 friends and 3 siblings over to have a kid party. So much fun! It was a princess theme. We made our own crowns, rescued Snow white from the poisoned apple, tried to wake sleeping beauty with a kiss, and determined our royal character by finding the pea. Castle cake and presents and then off back to their respective royal kingdoms. The next day was mother's day and we were blessed to share it with some of the women in my family. While waiting for lunch my little family went down to the river and fed ducks/geese. Then we met my mother, grandmother and aunt, plus cousins, brother and girlfriend, at Marie Calendar's. Shortly after that, was mom and grandma's birthday. We celebrated by again going for pizza. Mark finally got to start on replacing the roof shingles, which he has been wanting to do since we moved in. Then off to Lincoln beach for some pseudo camping with Mark's family. It was roughing it in so much that we were sharing an RV with 2 other adults and 6 children. Then we hurried back home to finish the roof before any chance of rain. I'm tired just thinking about it.

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