Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What happened to the celery?

I was trying to make dinner and the girls were hungry. I offered them some celery, knowing that it wouldn't fill them up and there would still be room for dinner. I decided to give Tobias a piece that was about 3 inches long. He has no teeth, so I wasn't worried about him breaking off small pieces. I was surprised that he was willing to chew on it as the girls only recently decided that they like celery.

He was quite pleased with himself.And this is what was left over. Barely an inch. There was nothing else in his high chair or on the ground.
Can you believe he actually ate it? I couldn't. It also sent me searching for teeth. Still none yet. I will definitely think a little harder before giving him something I think is harmless.

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Marie said...

He's sooooo cute!!